Prints for Sale 

Most of the images loaded on my site are all available for purchase. Every print will have a description of the size to be printed to avoid any cropping of the original image . All prints will be printed on 1/4" foam core. All printing will be done in Calgary, Alberta and shipped from there. There are multiple paper types available for print. Standard will either be glossy or pearl finish. Specialty papers like Bamboo & Kauai are available  options. 

Click image to take you to our prints page.

Digital downloads available as well.

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Pet Portraits 

Our pets are loyal and loving family members, steadfastly at our side as we experience the joys and challenges of life — they're our confidants, playmates and best friends. It gives me great joy capturing the authenticity and character of pets for the people who love them. I provide custom, on-location photography that let's your pet's unique personality shine, and provides you with beautiful images that you can cherish forever. I also love documenting the relationships of people and their pets — each bond is unique and each story is special.

30 min Photo Session - $75.00

         -30 min photo session location of your choice 

         - secure unlimited digital download  of hi-res images 

         -Printing and photo books also available. 

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Digital Scanning of Prints

We all have those boxes of old photos or photo albums just sitting on a bookshelf. It's time you take those images so you can share to sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. Images will be turned into digital images. Once complete you will receive a password secure download link from my site. All you need to do is download them to your computer and your done. Your originals can be picked up anytime. 


Images are scanned in groups of 200.

Touch ups and restorations available.  

Photo Restoration

Our Photo restoration Skills Make old memories new again, bringing back its life, its soul, and it all starts with a high resolution scan. Never altering the original photograph, only the scanned copy we photo edit to remove damage on the photo file, and correct contrast levels, fine-tune colors and tones, cleanup dust, grain, improve over or under exposure to renew, and rejuvenate life back to the image. When pictures are extremely damaged we can even recreate the damaged or missing areas.

Pricing will vary based on the the amount of restorations required. 

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