First of all I would like to thanks Brewsters Crowfoot for the great opportunity to display my work. They have allowed me to put 17 images up from April 5 - 19th. Here's their contact info.

The images in gallery are all the ones currently on display and are available for purchase. The images are selling for $60 each for this exhibition.All images are mounted on 3/8" Foam core and are ready to hang.These and all my other images are available in other print formats as well.Please email me if you have any questions

About me

Darren Yates is an Alberta-based photographer. He began to develop an interest in photography at the age of 12 when his father taught him how to use a camera. Since that early age, he has been honing his skills with a focus on nature. Combining his passion for photography with his love of the outdoors, Darren’s photographs capture the beauty and awesomeness of Alberta’s landscapes. In addition to nature photography, Darren also shares his talent and time as a volunteer photographer for AARCS, photographing dogs that are available for adoption.

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